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Manage custom pages

Under “Custom pages” you can add your own content pages, or links to pages not maintained in Pocket Diner. All items added show up as a separate button on the start page of your Pocket Diner mobile website. There is no limit to the amount of pages / links you can add, but  a word [...]

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Released August 2011

We listened to your feedback, and have made the following additions and changes to the product. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them in the discussion section below! Custom pages: add button(s) to your main navigation freely There is a new section in the Pocket Diner Control Panel called “Custom [...]

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Activating Pocket Diner for your website

Once you have added all the content in the Pocket Diner Control Panel, one step remains to reap the benefits of your mobile website: making sure all the people browsing your desktop website with mobile phones see your mobile website instead! Thanks to the wonders of technology this can be made to happen automatically, without [...]

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Set up online bookings

Having a website means you have a virtual staff member presenting your restaurant to interested diners 365 days a year, 24/7. With an online reservations system from Bookatable you can make sure their reservation is only a click away! Pocket Diner integrates with Bookatable, making sure that reservations from your desktop website, the Bookatable network of [...]

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Manage primary navigation

In the section “Primary Navigation” in your Control Panel you can in detail manipulate the content on “home” page of your mobile website. Note: Pocket Diner is in itself clever enough to only show the buttons for which you have actually added content. If you for example don’t add anything in your “About us” section, [...]

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Advanced branding options

Under “Branding” in the Control Panel you can customise the visual look of Pocket Diner to match the branding of  your restaurant and normal website. The advanced branding options let you change the page background and add image details specifically for iPhone app bookmark icon and app start-up screen. There are also a number of basic [...]

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Basic branding options

Under “Branding” in the Control Panel you can customise the visual look of Pocket Diner to match the branding of  your restaurant and normal website. The basic branding options allow for adding an image at the head of the mobile website (“Your logo”), and changing the background colour. There are also a number of advanced options [...]

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Web statistics (Google Analytics)

To help you understand how many people access your mobile website, and what information they look at most, we have made it possible to add in your own tracking code from your web statistics package of choice. You do this under “General settings” in your Control Panel. Google Analytics With the most commonly used package [...]

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